The Valley Bulk Team

John Washabaugh - President

 John is the Founder and President of Valley Bulk Transport, Inc.  He began the company in May of 2003 with a dream that one day it would be passed on to his family.  

"I feel I have the best employees in the business and they work as a team"

When asked where John sees the future of the company he stated: "I see the company moving on to the next generation and for success for many more years."

Our people make the difference.

Learn a little about who our employees are and what they have to say about Valley Bulk Transport, Inc.

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Valley Bulk Transport, Inc.

Robin Smith - Administrative Assistant

"I have worked for the company since January of 2007 as an Administrative Assistant.  At the time, my brother needed some part-time office help, which grew into a full time position that I love. Everyday is a new experience and challenge. You never know what each day will bring.  Valley Bulk is a very family oriented business and very welcoming.  The office staff works great together which makes it a pleasant to come to work.  The maintenance crew and drivers all have varying personalities but it is a perfect mix and works great for us."

John Washabaugh Jr. - General Manager

"I have been employed with the company for over 18 years, since my father founded the company. I began working side by side with my uncle, working maintenance until he passed away in November in 2003 where I took over maintenance and worked my way up through the company. I enjoy working here because it is my family business and all of the employees get along really well."